FlexiBMS Lite


Small charge-only smart BMS compatible with DAVEGA X.



Charge-only smart BMS for 4S-12S Lithium-Ion battery packs.

Get one to enable battery pack monitoring on your DAVEGA X display.

Package contents

  • FlexiBMS Lite
  • Balance connectors
    • 13P JST-XH straight connector
    • 13P JST-XH right-angle connector
    • 13P JST-XH housing
    • JST-XH crimps (13 pcs+)
  • IO connectors
    • 5P JST-PH straight connector
    • 5P JST-PH right-angle connector
    • 5P JST-PH housing
    • JST-PH crimps (5 pcs+)
  • CAN connectors
    • 4P JST-PH straight connector
    • 4P JST-PH right-angle connector
    • 4P JST-PH housing
    • JST-PH crimps (4 pcs+)
  • Spare JST-XH crimps
  • Spare JST-PH crimps


Size 26 x 62 mm
Weight 20 g

Electrical specifications

Recommended operating battery voltage 12 – 52 V
Minimum operating battery voltage 9 V
Max battery voltage 55 V
Max charging current 10 A
Charging end voltage Configurable (cell level or pack level)
Charging overcurrent limit Configurable
Charging end current Configurable
Balancing current 88 mA @ 4.15 V (cell voltage)
Balancing voltage Programmable
Low power mode quiescent current <= 100 µA


Additional information

Weight 0.02 kg


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