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E-shop closed

As of May 2024, is officially closed. You can look around but all items will show up as out of stock.

If you like DAVEGA, chances are you will like Voyage Megan even more. Be sure to check it out.

There are still some DAVEGA spare parts left, so if you need anything, please email

Also, fear not: DAVEGA cloud will keep running and we will keep providing customer support.

Why are we closing?

In 2023, we joined forces with Roman Pasichnyk at and we started a new company Voyage Systems. Together we developed new products that build upon our experience from DAVEGA X and Metr Pro.

While we enjoy making telemetry devices, we haven’t yet been able to make the business sustainable financially, so it remains more a hobby than a way of making living. Therefore, we need to keep our daily jobs and our time for running the PEV telemetry business is limited. With the limited time, it’s hard enough to keep even one business alive. Running two is just too much. There’s also little sense in having two business selling competing products.

With all that said, there may still be room for DAVEGA on the market. Some people may prefer its design, simplicity, and lower price tag over the more advanced Megan. It might be we will bring a DAVEGA (or its variant) back as Voyage Systems.

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