The assembly of the kit is easy and requires only basic tools such as an Allen key, scissors, and tweezers. Assembly instructions.

DAVEGA X is an advanced on-board telemetry device for VESC® based speed controllers. It comes in an aluminum enclosure with three color options to choose from — black anodized, red anodized, or raw.

Please see the product site for detailed information.

What cable length do I need?

For exact measurement, take a string and route it from the center-point of the front truck mounting holes to your ESC UART port. Then add 10 cm to the length.

A good quick estimate for 2WD setups with a bottom mounted enclosure is to measure the distance between the deck nose and the rear of the enclosure.

The 100 cm cable is long enough for most setups.

Software features

  • speed
  • distance traveled
  • battery state of charge
  • projected range
  • average power consumption
  • motor/battery current
  • energy discharged/re-generated
  • motor temperature
  • VESC fault codes
BMS data (with DieBieMS or FlexiBMS)
  • individual cell voltages
  • charge current
  • state of charge
  • balancing details
Other features
  • session and lifetime stats
  • parts lifespan tracking
  • over-the-air firmware updates
  • automated data backup to cloud


  • 2.8″ 240×320 TFT display
  • ESP32, 512 kB RAM, 4 MB flash
  • 802.11 b/g/n 2.4 GHz Wi-Fi
  • BT, BLE (currently not used)

VESC® compatibility

DAVEGA X works with all VESC® based controllers running the firmware v3.48 or later.

This includes but is not limited to the following:

Water resistance

If assembled correctly, the enclosure does not leak around the screen protector or the buttons. While we do not recommend purposely using the DAVEGA X in rain conditions, if you get caught in the rain, continuing to ride for a few minutes to reach the nearest dry place is OK. After any exposure to a heavy rain, we recommend that you detach the DAVEGA housing from the board while you are letting the board dry.

Made in the Czech Republic

Most of the DAVEGA X parts, including the aluminum enclosure, cables, and glass screen protectors, are manufactured in the Czech Republic.

The electronics are hand-soldered and well tested in-house.


Additional information

Weight 0.24 kg
Dimensions 9.8 × 6.2 × 2.2 cm


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